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Writing for the Workplace

Over the last 15 years, Jim’s writing seminars have been taken by hundreds of federal, state, and city employees, who have unanimously commended Jim’s practical solutions to the everyday problems of writing in the workplace.


The class continues to evolve as Jim develops new insights and approaches that make the class more useful than ever. And yet the class remains grounded in reviewing all the basics of good writing, even as we lean forward a little into some further strategies for writing and thinking more clearly.

This year, because the COVID-19 crisis precludes any in-person workshops, Jim is offering the seminar in two digital forms: first as a video series—seven short videos that include all of the material from the one-day workshop, but necessarily without the in-class exercises and, sadly, without the in-class conversations that have made the class so exciting for instructor and participants alike. 

Also, Jim is now offering the seminar as a series of Zoom Sessions—seven consecutive sessions that cover all the in-class material and incorporate exercises, breakout sessions, and hopefully some of the same lively conversations and good humor that have animated the classroom experience.

Upcoming Online Classes

​Call Jim for more information at (907) 957-0080

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